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Related post: 1. (a) Are you currently licensed and in good standing with a state board of pharmacy? (b) Do you adhere to the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists as written by the American Pharmaceutical Association? (c) Have you or any members of the pharmacy staff at your practice site ever been brought before a board of pharmacy on disciplinary charges? If yes, 2. (a) Are you licensed in North Carolina? (b) If not, in what state are you licensed? Professional Experience Program (PEP) staff will verify Buy Glimepiride Online license numbers of new preceptors via the NC Board of Pharmacy webssite. Monthly, thereafter, licensure will be verified by PEP faculty or staff following review of the monthly NC Board of Pharmacy meeting minutes that will identify pharmacists whose licenses have been revoked or for whom disciplinary action has been taken. Date of licensure verification will be added to the Affiliate Tracking field in RxPreceptor. Faculty leadership in the Office of Professional Education will decide on an appropriate action to be taken in the event of a preceptor licensure issue. Preceptors and their practice sites will be evaluated by students, school and AHEC faculty. The results of this evaluation will be communicated to the preceptor. Practice Site Selection Criteria 1. Pharmacy practice sites shall meet all standards set by government agencies, the Joint Commission and other appropriate accrediting agencies. Once selected as a practice site, an affiliation agreement between the site and the School must be executed, per ACPE standards. A sample affiliation agreement is included in this manual as Appendix Glimepiride Tablets Q. 2. The site and its staff must be free of any violations of state and/or federal laws. 3. The site will Glimepiride 2mg have an exposure control plan that students will follow in the event of an 4. The site must be clean and reflect a professional image. As the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy is a smoke-free environment, PEP practice sites Glimepiride 4 Mg should be smoke 5. Sufficient reference materials must be available for the provision of information to pharmacists, other health professionals, and patients. 6. Student learning at the site must be directed/coordinated by a preceptor. All pharmacists at a site willing to precept students in meeting PEP learning objectives 7. The student must have access to all Buy Cheap Glimepiride patient pharmacotherapy information, including medication usage history, and when appropriate, information regarding disease states, laboratory Order Glimepiride and other tests, patient history, and physical examination. 8. The site must maintain adequate staffing to allow the student a meaningful educational 9. The student must be permitted to perform a pharmacists Glimepiride 1 Mg functions under supervision, 10. Pharmacists at the site should be health educators (especially re: pharmacotherapy information) to patients and other Glimepiride Pioglitazone health care practitioners. SITE VISIT EVALUATION FORM Date of Visit Site Visit Participants from SoP, AHEC, Practice Site Practice Experiences Provided Rotation syllabus posted to RxPreceptor? Site description posted to RxPreceptor? Familiar with PEP Manual; i.e. where to find IPPE & APPE course goals and objectives? Update of Site Activities Participation in Preceptor Training AHEC Digital Library Use Update of School Activities Student Issues Preceptor Issues/Summary of Student Evaluations Criteria for Excellence in Experiential Education (From the Center Generic Glimepiride for the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Education (CAPE) Outcomes and the ACPE Accreditation Standards for Doctor of Pharmacy Programs) With recent changes to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Standards for American colleges and schools of pharmacy, fourth year professional students are now required to develop the self-confidence and experience needed to practice independently. They must carry significant patient care responsibilities in a variety of practice settings including medical and disease management programs. During the PY4 year, students should be expected to function at the level of an independent practitioner. This expectation is significantly different from the traditional experiential model where students are expected to learn by observing skilled practitioners. The primary goal of the IPPEs (introductory pharmacy practice experiences) is to facilitate students continuing professional development in the context of the community and hospital pharmacy practice settings. Students will continue to explore the concepts of professionalism and shared accountabilities for health care outcomes; formulate a personal philosophy of and approach to professional practice; expand drug and disease knowledge; and develop practical, critical thinking and life-long learning skills. The goal of the APPEs (advanced pharmacy practice experiences) during the PY4 year is to provide opportunities for students to build upon knowledge and skills acquired through didactic education and IPPEs and apply them in direct patient care activities in a pharmacy setting. STUDENT EXPECTATIONS - What Students Are Expected to Do Provide patient and population-based care Deliver patient-centered care as members of an inter-professional team, emphasizing evidence-based practice, quality improvement approaches and informatics Manage human, physical, medical, informational and technologic resources Manage medication use systems Assure availability of effective, quality health and disease prevention services SITE EXPECTATIONS - What Each Site is Expected to Have (Site-Specific Criteria of Excellence) Ability to meet educational outcomes Practice focused on pharmacist-provided care Glimepiride Mg Adequate staff for pharmacist-provided care Sufficient number and variety of patients Opportunities for students to learn specific disease therapy management, provider-patient communication skills, Pioglitazone Glimepiride ethical behavior Caring attitude toward patients Role in interdisciplinary patient care Informatics to support pharmaceutical care Sufficient library and learning resources Compliance with all HIPAA requirements Compliance with all state and federal laws Support form site owners/administration for providing pharmacy education to students Site owner/administrators encourage quality improvement programs Fulfillment of student rotation assignments to the best of the facili tabyilisty even when staff PRECEPTOR EXPECTATIONS � What Preceptors are Expected to Be Role model practitioner Effective, organized, enthusiastic teacher Skilled in interpersonal/communication Encourage self-directed learning Skilled in leadership/management; demonstrate effective managerial/leadership relationships with pharmacists and staff Embody a practice philosophy Complete the required online NC Preceptor Training Program in order to attain or maintain Complete up to 2 hours of ongoing preceptor training every two years If an APPE is offered, develop a rotation which includes a syllabus of written activities and objectives that align with the schools IPPE or APPE goals and objectives; integration of PharmD students into the ongoing pertinent education activities of the specific site including but not limited to journal club, discussion of pertinent disease states, therapeutic controversies and designated review of primary or secondary literature At the beginning of the month, orient the student to the required objectives and activities of the rotation and to the site. Interact with the student at least three times per week for one to two hour intervals. Preceptors should be Glimepiride 4mg readily available to the student. If the preceptor is out of town during a rotation period, an alternate trained, prepared and approved preceptor should be assigned. Please do not schedule a vacation during a time you are scheduled to have a student. If you will be away from your site for more than a few days during a time when you are scheduled to have a student, please contact Pam Jackson (pam_jacksonunc.edu). Supervise the written and verbal recommendations made by the PharmD student Submit midpoint and final evaluations of the students performance in RxThePr ecefinaptorl . evaluation/grade must discussed with the student before the student leaves your site. Provide constructive feedback Glimepiride Tablet throughout the rotation. Preceptor Supervision and Accessibility: Whenever a student is learning Purchase Glimepiride in a direct patient care environment, the student must be supervised and have full accessibility to their preceptor Under the supervision of a pharmacist, students are allowed to perform procedures (such as vaccinations) that are within the scope of pharmacy practice. Preceptors should remind other health professionals that students should not assist in or perform medical procedures that are outside the scope of pharmacy practice. ABILITY-BASED OUTCOMES FOR THE DOCTOR OF PHARMACY CURRICULUM UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Updated in January 2012) Doctor of Pharmacy Ability Outcomes (Abbreviated) 1. Provide patient-centered care: Design, Purchase Glimepiride Online implement, monitor, evaluate, adjust and accept professional responsibility for patient-specific, evidence-based care to promote safe and optimal 1.1. Gather and organize essential patient information 1.2. Identify and Glimepiride 2 Mg prioritize medication-related problems 1.3. Formulate evidence-based, patient-specific medication treatment Buy Glimepiride plans 1.4. Prepare, dispense, and administer medications for safe and effective medication use 1.5. Assist the patient with implementation of treatment plans 1.6. Monitor, evaluate patient response to, and modify pharmacotherapy 1.7. Document patient care interventions 2. Provide population-based care: Design, develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate population- specific, evidence-based pharmaceutical care services (disease management, medication therapy management and related policies and protocols. 2.1. Assess the need for population-based pharmaceutical care services 2.2. Participate in the development and implementations of population-based pharmaceutical 2.3. Participate in the development of drug use policy and pharmacy benefits 2.4. Assess the continuing need for pharmaceutical Order Glimepiride Online care services 3. Manage medication use systems that promote safe, accurate and timely distribution of medications and related devices. 3.1 / 3.2 Participate in the design, implementation and evaluation of practices that assure safe, accurate and time-sensitive medication distribution systems to identify and report medication errors and adverse drug events 3.3 / 3.4 Access, interpret and apply health and drug use policy and pharmacy benefit plans 3.5 Participate in the management of formulary, purchasing and inventory control systems 3.6 Communicate / collaborate to identify and resolve medication distribution and use problems 3.7 Operate / manage medication use systems in accordance with state and federal regulations, institutional policies, Glimepiride 1mg ethical, social, economic, and professional guidelines 4. Develop and manage a successful pharmacy practice 4.1. Manage human, physical and financial resources to support a successful practice 4.2. Develop and negotiate collaborative practice agreements 4.3. Develop strategies and negotiate plans for compensation for patient care services
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